Hello!    您好!     여보!     สวัสดี!     こんにちは!     xin chào    A life well-travelled, a life well-lived.


138 Robinson Road #03-42 Oxley Tower
Singapore 068906

Open Hours

Mon – Fri : 10:30AM – 6:00PM
Sat – Sun : Closed


About TYC Travel

In January 2021, TYC Charters Pte Ltd is proud to present TYC Travel, a sub-brand of the company. Other brands under TYC Charters Pte Ltd are The Yacht Club Singapore and Achates by TYC. TYC Travel strives to curate interesting experiences for our customers and to source the best deals in the market.

We are working with the Singapore Tourism Board to ensure safe distancing measures are strictly adhered to on all our “TYC presents” itineraries. We hope for the day when all our customers will get to enjoy overseas travels by TYC Travel in the foreseeable future.

Stay safe everyone.

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